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[email protected] exists for you.

You’ve already made up your mind that now is the time to shift how you approach the words diversity, equity, and inclusion, and you know that it’s not enough to say you won’t be racist in your work but instead anti-racist. You are learning what that means for yourself personally but are having trouble understanding how to apply these same principles to the organization you work in or for some of you, for yourself as you run your own business.

Imagine having a community with an intentional learning space that teaches you how to get beyond theory and into action with becoming anti-racist in how you work and the organization you work for.

Imagine a space to be able to share wins and challenges along your journey and get real-time coaching for how to move forward and keep going.

Why You Should Join Us

  • Access to live, monthly workshops that build your skills and abilities to be able to shift how your organization operates. Each workshop provides space for open coaching, so that you can get real-time feedback on how to apply the key learnings immediately to your organization.

  • Weekly virtual posts to learn from other community members on topics that are directly related to your work.

  • Opportunities for private coaching  and individual feedback sessions with our community educators.

  • A private community group to connect with, share your progress, and get feedback on your plan, captions, strategies...on the spot and as you build them 

  • Guest trainings from a diverse line of speakers

And as bonuses:

As soon as you hit join, you’ll receive access to the [email protected] private community group. You can join as many topics and groups that are related to your current work and request new topics to be added. As a community member, you’ll also have access to all previous workshops and templates shared previously.

Now's the time...

Yes, you may also be thinking, maybe I should wait and continue to try it on my own. And you certainly can. But I can guess that the reason why you’re reading this is that you’ve already taken that approach and you are still unclear of how to actually move beyond listening and learning and into doing the work of becoming anti-racist...at work. 

You’ve read the suggested books, listened to so many free webinars and training, and still aren’t sure how to make your workplace one that celebrates uplifts, and honors BIPOC in an equitable way. And you recognize that in order to expand your own knowledge and truly be anti-racist, you’ve got to do more than just a black square and say you’re committed.

It’s time to do the work at work.

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